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It’s Never Too Late to Re-Design Your Life Story
August 18, 2012

your post and real life story is amazingly true and correct.. especially for my present situation :-)

I am over 66 and after making thousands of wrong turns in business.. I finally listened to a coach/friend who slowly and with love, coached me to understand what you wrote here… You do not go into business to make money… YOUR INTENTION must be bigger then that… and in the example of Sally it proved to be the essence of her success…

At 66 and counting… I am not VERY HAPPY supporting others… that is what I always wanted to do… and failed.. why?? Because I was doing it always for money…. now I do it because I love to do it, I love to do it for free and love to do it as best as I possibly can…

Talking about “Redisign life” at 66 most of us would think is time to sit on an arm chair and relax… well, thanks to my detrmination to support as many people as I possibly can succeed… I get up each morning eager to start my day by supporting others… wow, what a great feeling..

Thanks so much for yoru wisdom Marquita… love to read more in teh future… and in case you feel that you need support in anyway… PLEASE… connect… (Yes, I know you may have all what you need at the moment, but in case there is a change… I am here for you, just as you have been for others along your pathway of life.
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Great post by Marquitta Herald!

The Magical Story of the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived

I want to be excited, thrilled, and ecstatic about all sorts of things as long as I live. ~Win Couchman

Nicola TeslaI have a confession to make. This post isn’t even close to what I had originally planned for today; but I am a long time fan of magician Marco Tempest and when I discovered his latest TED Talk presentation which combines inspiration, history and the art of storytelling, I couldn’t resist pulling a little magic switcheroo of my own.

You will like this – I promise!

Combining projection mapping and a pop-up book in his short 6 minute talk, Marco tells the visually arresting story of Nikola Tesla — called “the greatest geek who ever lived” — from his triumphant invention of alternating current to his penniless last days.

Now if you’re not familiar with Tesla’s name it may be because he was around at the same time as Thomas Edison and it seems much of his work was overshadowed by Edison’s. In fact, when I went in search of a bit of background information on Tesla I discovered that he actually worked for Edison for a time and some historians are of the opinion that Edison actually took credit for at least some of Tesla’s work. I’m not going there in this post … but if after viewing Marco’s presentation you decide you’d like to learn more about the “Greatest Geek” I’ve included a link to his bio at the end.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy another awesome presentation by Marco Tempest.

If you’d like to learn more about Tesla, here is a link to just one of the biographies available online. If you’d like to learn more about Marco Tempest, here’s a link to his website, and to a previous TED Talk I featured here, The Magic of Truth and Lies and iPods.

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A test to see how self-compassionate you are :

Log into Digg with Facebook… Without Letting Digg Auto-Post Crap!

Stop The “Social Reader” Insanity! 

I strongly believe that auto-posting access should remain user controlled (and decided)… 

So Digg’s recent move to not only require a Facebook login but to integrate their social reader into the permissions settings irks me.  Many site readers are actively pushing back against the new Facebook Social Readers

Fortunately, there’s a way to log into Digg with Facebook while keeping it on a very short leash! 

How To Sign Into Digg with Facebook (While Controlling The Permissions)


 Steps to sign into Digg with Limited Facebook authorization: 

1. Click Sign In… and then “Sign in with Facebook” (Your only option…)

2. Set auto-posting visibility to a setting of your choice. As I don’t want it spamming my profile friends, I selected “Only Me” in the dropdown.   Click “Login With Facebook”

3. On the additional permissions page, click the “X” and remove the permission for it to write to your wall. Then click the “Skip” button.

4. Now that you have Digg on a short leash, in the upper right hand corner, in the drop-down menu, select “Settings” and adjust your email address to a preferred email address for communications from Digg. 

Decide that you need to adjust Digg’s permissions or remove it altogether?

You will find it under the tiny drop-down in your upper right corner… then click on “Account Settings” and then, on the left, click on “Apps”

          Once you’re in Account Settings -> Apps, locate “Digg” in your list of apps in the center column. 

Now, to the right, you will see an “X” which will give you a “Remove Digg?” dialog. 

Alternatively, you will see an edit which allows you to adjust the publishing permissions and notifications from this app. 


Digg’s recent minimalistic redesign has a lot of changes including the mandatory Facebook login system. Even after carefully blocking their social reading app functionality… I find myself really annoyed that my old profile is not attached to my new one. Even though it’s possible to request access to your old Digg data, it’s just a layer of headache I wish were not involved.  

It really begs the question of whether they’ve finally killed Digg

Have you checked out the new Digg format yet?  Do you use Digg?

~ Kim ~
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What Everyone Should Know About Looking and Feeling Lousy via @patriciagozlan

Does it seem like your life is a mess because of your choices, decisions and behaviors?

Then you might  probably have a cluttered life.

Suppose you are a restaurant crew, and you always drop the plates or spill drinks to the customers while cleaning their table. Well, you really need to admit to yourself that you are one poor lousy creature.

The truth hurts, but it is important to be true to yourself in order for you to know how to solve your issues.

 At first, Thomas Edison thought the same about himself because he was a school dropout due to being a poor student according to his teachers. However, he made use of his talents, skills and knowledge in order to prove himself and the other people wrong.

Then, he became a genius after inventing the fluorescent. This short anecdote tells it all—you can turn your weaknesses into strengths if you are willing to change.

 One of the things that can help you is NLP.

What we look like and how we feel is an inside job. One of our biggest fears is to be left alone, abandoned and not appreciated, love or seen. So, how does depression work and what is actually happening in our brains when we feel and look lousy?

How can NLP and energy psychology help you?

With these tools that I teach, show and coach my clients with, you can change the way you feel about yourself. In other words, the same stuff that looks lousy, terrible and depressing can become a field of neutral feeling by learning to accept what it is. In other words, we reeducate your system to get out of the incantation and effectively replace it with “I can do this”, “it is easy for me” and “I deserve it” with NO guilt.

By learning how to reeducate your mind to see, hear and feel the good stuff, you will be able to create good feelings and good decisions right away. This corresponds to the saying, what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.

 You will also be able to automatically tap into unlimited resources such as intuition, creativity and calmness before you decide what to do business wise or in your personal life. Tony Robbins would call incantations or an incantation as an instance when you have good feeling about yourself and others.

  If you are fed up of feeling lousy or if you want more out of life, you just need to have someone to “interrupt the pattern” for you.

When you silently keep saying nasty things to yourself such as “I look terrible today”, “I am getting old”, “how the hell can I manage all these”, “I’m fed up of being  a superwoman”, etc., you will end up a big loser. Bear in mind that you are what you think and you are what you say to yourself.

NLP, EFT and a combination of my tools will help you clear this clutter and give you prosperity choices to create the life you want. If you are now ready to discover the good life that is ahead of you, why don’t you rise from the dark and desperation? There is always a rainbow after the rain. This is just an implication that your life will not always be where it is right now unless you allow it.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you need a ride to more clarity and prosperity send me a mail I’ll be happy to help you!


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